Tactical Advice And Strategy

Asa Long, Checker Great

Tactical Advice: Proper planning is the key for being an expert or for being a master category player in place of unplanned moves implemented for any particular aim.

Derek Oldbury, Checker Great

Tactical Advice: Tactics and Strategy are the two terms generally used in a game known as draughts and both are entirely different from each other. Wm F Ryan who is a former champion of country United States of America has distinguished them through implementation of these two terms in game where strategy focuses to objective of game or to entire game plan and tactics focuses to the way of execution for achieving the objective. This explanation clears all doubt regarding the meaning of tactics as well as the strategy.

A plan made by us for playing purpose is actually targeting our approach towards strategy or planning. This planning could involve strategy about squares which we wish to occupy along with our pieces or approach towards movement of pieces or towards encouragement of pieces exchange. On the other hand tactics are used for achieving these decided aims through preventing our rival from placement of his pieces at definite squares. It can be done by some excellent shots where one can either sacrifice a piece for gaining a ‘king’ or can tie his opponent’s pieces only with lesser number through use of blocking tactics.

Use of a great number of tactical tools can be seen there by the tactical player just like actions of holding and throwing done by wrestlers. Checkers players have the names in same manner as seen in wrestling. These names of checkers players are Steal, Breech, Fork, Press, Crab, Boston, Surfboard etc.

You need not to be afraid from moving pieces of back row.

Playing through eight pieces is not logical step when twelve pieces are used by your opponents against you!

When less planning is used by player due to his decreasing awareness and only focus is there towards move for fulfilling present needs of pieces occupation without future consideration then it is going to be dangerous.

Lisle Cornier, Checkers Great

Tactical Advice: battle should be picked carefully as sufficient time is not there for fighting against all.

Advised by: Louis Ginsberg

Advice: Draughts is the game mainly related to strategy where these ideas can be used as strategy of your play:

You can try for occupying some center squares such as 19, 18, 15, 14 but not put your maximum pieces at center.

Squares’ 19 and 18 domination for Black where as squares 15 and 14 domination for White at mid time provides 80% scope to player which finally reflects through win or draw approximately in every game.

Opponent should be attacked from ‘Double Corner’ if having such opportunity.

Advised by: Marion Tinsley

Advice: Breaking through Double Corner is preferred as single piece which crowns there can be emerged very easily than that on single corner.

Advised by: Maurice Chamblee

Advice: one must play accordance to strength of position so strong side must be selected for attacking and weak side for defense.

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