Checkers startegy

The Move

Checkers ‘move’ resembles to that of the chess ‘opposition’ and this is very significant in quite a lot of endings. In image 1, the player who does not move next will get the move. In case, red makes the move then he/she is sure to lose but in case white takes the step to move then he/she will have to move back to the twofold bend, to draw the game.

Whereas in image 2 whosoever makes the moves will have the move, as well as will win.

Again in image 3 also whosoever moves will have the move and win.

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Tactical Advice And Strategy

Asa Long, Checker Great

Tactical Advice: Proper planning is the key for being an expert or for being a master category player in place of unplanned moves implemented for any particular aim.

Derek Oldbury, Checker Great

Tactical Advice: Tactics and Strategy are the two terms generally used in a game known as draughts and both are entirely different from each other. Wm F Ryan who is a former champion of country United States of America has distinguished them through implementation of these two terms in game where strategy focuses to objective of game or to entire game plan and tactics focuses to the way of execution for achieving the objective. This explanation clears all doubt regarding the meaning of tactics as well as the strategy.

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First Position

Image1 is an edition of 1st place, from 1756, believed to be the most significant family of conclusions in the game of checkers.

White gets to move. Very soon he/she will be able to possess 2 kings. On the other hand Red continues to contain merely king, this may have to look for shelter in the dual corner 32 and 28. Furthermore Red gets a piece. With great skill and patient white will have to compel that portion towards the identical twofold corner. Subsequently, the twofold corner will turn out to be too packed. By the way, if Red is able to acquire his part towards the left (towards 13 or even 21), he gets an effortless draw.

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Opening Weaknesses

If one is having any weakness in the game known as chess then it can be easily predicted in comparison to checkers. Checkers literature is full of weakness details. It does not mean that it is simply a weakness collection like following description. Following are the some general opening weaknesses.

Watching, Glasgow 11 to 15, 23 to 19, 8 to 11, 22 to 17, 11 to 16 and Glasgow 24 to 20, 16 to 23, 27 to 11, 7 to 16, 20 to 11, 3 to 7 in image 1. Movement of White can be 11 to 8, 28 to 24 and 4 to 11 where 28 to 24 is perfect. Back row of red is extremely weekend. But white does not have any chance for taking advantage of this weakness.

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Popular Opening Shots

One will regret if misses to play these wonderful shot games as contains a great fun. A stroke or shot is related to some pitches that are followed by either one or some more jumps of multiple natures. It can be understood through these diagrams.

Canalejas Shot

Watch in the figure 11 to 16 (Bristol) and 23 to 18, 16 to 20, 24 to 19 (like 11 to 16, 24 to19, 16 to 20, 23 to 18) 8 to 11? in image 1. A piece won by white: 19 to 15, 10 to 19, 18 to 14 (and 27 to 24 on number one) 9 to 18, 22 to 8, 4 to 11, 27 to 24 1591 A.D., WW. Montero. One can bring this trap by 12 to 16, 23 to 18, 16 to 20, 24 to 19 (like 12 to 16, 24 to 19, 16 to 20, 23 to 18) 8 to 12?

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