Rules Of English Checkers Game

English checkers/draughts is a game played by 2 people from contrary sides of the board and moves alternatively. One player possesses the dark pieces while the other player possesses the light pieces. All the pieces move crosswise/diagonally and the pieces of the opposite side are captured through jumping over those pieces.

The rules of English checkers/ draughts game are:

Board: The English checkers/ draughts board is an 8/8 grid board, with dark as well as light squares printed alternatively and the playable consists of 32 squares.

Pieces: The pieces of English checkers are made of plastic or wood and are flat as well as cylindrical. The pieces are split into one lighter and one darker colour. Customarily, the colours are white and red. There are 2 types of pieces and these are "Kings" and "Men." Kings consist of 2 normal pieces with same colour, stacked one on over the other.

Starting Position: Each player begins with twelve pieces on the 3 rows flanking their side. The row flanking to the each participant is known as "kings row" or "crownhead." The darker or black colour side moves first and starts the game, moving diagonally one square forward.

Kings: If a man of the opposite player reaches to kings row of the other player then that piece called "crowned", which becomes a "king" and get the capability to move backwards and forwards both.

How to Move: There’re 2 methods to move in the game of English checkers/ draughts: men pieces can move diagonally forward only (diagonally backwards also for kings) to the unoccupied and adjacent dark square and another move is "jumping" over opponent's pieces on the vacant square towards opposite side. A piece called "man" can jump diagonally forward only, however a "king" is able to jump diagonally backwards also. A piece over which opponent’s piece has jumped is removed. Multiple-jumps are also probable if, where a piece lands after jumping; there is one more piece, which can be again jumped. The move of jumping is compulsory and could not be passed for non-jumping moves. If there’s over one way of jumping, one can select which move to make. If a man jumps to the row of kings, the move terminates; having been crowned, that piece is not able to continue jumping to back out, till its next move.

Ending of the Game: If a player captures all the pieces of the opposite player or leaves no option for the opposite player to move then he or she is declared winner. A game can be declared a draw, if the game concludes giving a player not a single option for a legal move or a man that in the recent move became a king is capable to capture other pieces in the same move.

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